Bird Watching and Wild Flowers

Lowestoffe Country Lodge offers a diverse birding experience; falling within the grassland biome it provides access to a variety of habitats including wetlands, dams, grasslands, mountains and rocky ridges, a perennial river and an indigenous forested kloof.

The mountainous regions of the Elandsberg are home to the majestic Verreaux’s Eagle while the grasslands draw breeding pairs of both the regal Blue and Grey Crowned Cranes. It is a delight to catch a glimpse of the lanky legged Secretarybird striding through the veld, breaking into an awkward, loping trot when disturbed.

The dams and wetlands attract a wide range of waterfowl while the grasslands abound with life and diversity. Due to the abundance of small prey there are also numerous predatory birds such as owls, buzzards, hawks and falcons.

The end of summer provides a lovely sight; thousands of Amur Falcons gather on the telephone lines before embarking on their annual migration. It is a special treat to see countless numbers of these birds riding the thermals in ever widening circles.

While in the area there is the opportunity to see the endemic and endangered Cape Parrot that lives in the indigenous forests of Hogsback.

Disa Lugens - in flower anytime from the end of November to end of December - these special orchids are visited by botanists and wild flower enthusiasts from around the world.


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